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Capital : Ankara

Population : 79,463,663

Area: 814,578 km 2

Currency: Turkish Lira

Official Language: Turkish

Largest City : Istanbul

Population : 14,025,646

Main Airport : Ataturk Airport (IST)

CURRENCY - Turkish Lira (TL)

$ 8.0429


£ 10.5030




About Us

We are an Istanbul-based relocation company with the personal experience to understand your needs and the professional structure to help you full fill them.

With a management team of Turkish and foreign backgrounds, we are your main source of information on all local expat matters.

We have the trustworthy contacts, we know the territory and, thanks to our multilingualism, we guarantee perfect communication between you and local contacts and resources.

Our support service expand beyond the initial relocation phase.

From your arrival, throughout your stay in Istanbul, until your departure from Turkey : We are always here to provide guidance and support

YKC / Bosphorus Relocation will be a perfect partner for all those whao want to organize a new life in Turkey.

YKC / BOSPHORUS RELOCATION is a member of EuRA (European Relocation Association, established in 1998) and is bound by their ethics and rules of conduct.

The stated aim of EuRA is to spread knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding employee mobility.

Further, EuRA enhances industry performance standards by communication and education.

Meet The Team

Shirley Tavaşi
Managing Director
Shirley Tavaşi has an international relations degree from Webster University in London. She has previous experience as an import/export specialist in a representation company and worked as Purchasing & Sales director in a computer company. Her expertise is in real estate and settling-in. She speaks English, Italian and Turkish.
Yasemin Kunze- Concewitz
Yasemin Kunze-Concewitz was born in Istanbul and spent most of her life accompanying her family on diplomatic foreign assignments in Russia, Cyprus, Sweden, Germany and the USA. She has a background in media and advertising. She is the founder of YKC/Bosphorus Relocation, having experienced the special lifestyle personally. She has a degree in Economics from the Bosphorus University/Istanbul. She speaks English, German and French.
Jessica Dembovsky
Senior Relocation Consultant
Jessica Dembovsky has a degree of Econometrics from Marmara University, Istanbul. She has previous experience as an Education & Internal Communications Consultant of the Human Resources Department at Otokoç, automotive company of Koç Holding. Her specialty is in research and communications. She speaks English.
Özlem Dalkılıç
Immigration Specialist
Özlem Dalkılıç was born in Istanbul and has a degree in Business Administration which complements her position as YKC's immigration services specialist. Özlem has been active in this role since many years in the company. She is also an integral part of the on-going research in the ever-changing city of Istanbul and assists in all aspects of the settling-in process and client follow- up. She speaks English.
Ariella Bezmen
Relocation Consultant
Ariella Bezmen is the newest member of our team, she was born in Istanbul and has a Performing Fine Arts degree from Bilgi University. She has previously worked in the advertising sector and her last position was as Executive Assistant in one of the top architectural firms in Istanbul. Her specialty is real estate and research. Ariella speaks English.

Members Words

Working with Jessica is really good and she is outstanding. I felt very well supported and she was really fast in all responses and feedbacks promptly when requested. My family needs were all fullfilled and I'm very satisfied with her services. Outstanding.


The destination services provider was very friendly and always willing  to help and take an additional step to make me feel at home and at ease


Thank you so much for a very productive week in Istanbul, you are really a professional, never loose the passion for what you do. Thank you very, very much.


Shirley is a joy to work with.   She has a great sense of humor and supported us by going above and beyond.  She was always available to help me in any way.  Her willingness to communicate gave me comfort that she was available night and day, weekends for my silly questions.  Her support in arranging TV, internet, phone and other services has been invaluable to me.  I now consider Shirley to be a friend!  Thanks so much for your awesome support, Shirley!!


Outstanding support and guidance during our pre-assignment trip. Organized, efficient, punctual and responsive. I particularly appreciated the speed of response to our requets to visit certain apartments and Yasemin’s advice regarding issues with some of the apartments we visited and terms to be offered/negotiated with the apartment owners.

Maria Da Graca 

I think Ozlem Hanim did a fantastic job with us. She is VERY fast in response and things really happen when she is involved. My family and I would certainly prefer to have YKC’s help whenever possible. 


Shirley has been incredibly helpful and insightful.


In general, services provided were very efficient and showed a lot of professionalism. We were very happy to have you show us around Istanbul and make us visit houses as well as schools. The Team understood very well what were our needs regarding our new life here and we really appreciated your company. I was also surprised to get replies to my e-mail always very quickly. I hope these remarks will help you build a stronger team.

Yours truly,

We wanted to thank you for supporting us during the settling-in and hand over process. We were worried about the last minute change at our arrival but you did an outstanding job.   From our hearts, we wanted to thank you for being so friendly and carefull with all of the details, making us  feel more comfortable in this transition. 


I would like to say ‘Teşekkür ederiz’ to YKC, and especially for you, of course, as you did a wonderful job during this time.  As I said, I would like to also give this feedback because your support were over my expectation. Too much attention, too much sensible and very very dedicated and committed. Keep the pace Jessica, you are on the correct way in your career. 






34464 - YENİKÖY


Telefon : +90 (212) 278 73 88

Faks : +90 (212) 278 75 18