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Relocating to new countries and adapting to new cultures for professional reasons is a requisite of the global village we live in. We provide support from your preview trip, home and school search to settling-in, departure services and cover the whole process of relocation. Our organization is comprised of a small, select group of multi-lingual professionals that commands the expertise to anticipate your needs and the flexibility to customize your relocation. We specialize in offering a positive impression of Istanbul and the Turkish culture and we are eager to make you and your family feel at home.

  • Pre-Arrival and Orientation
  • House Search
  • School Search
  • Cleaning Services
  • Settling-in Services
  • Furnishing
  • Car Assistance
  • Security Feasibility
  • Translation Services
  • Moving
This very first contact is made to determine your needs before building a new life in Istanbul. To contact us now, before you plan your trip to Turkey please click (CONTACT FORM LINK). Whether for a short-term or for a long-term assignment, this is a time when you will get a feel of the city. Thus our priority is to provide you with tailor-made services within the set time limit. We will meet you at the airport, present you with a welcome packet and a summary of our program and take you on a tour of the city after you have relaxed at your hotel.
As home is where the heart is, our first objective will be to venture into the world of real estate with you. We are not a real estate agency but we work with some of the most reputable agencies in the city. We will provide you with the necessary tips of quality, rules of the real estate market and its agents. You will not waste time and energy running around with several agents. According to your profile, we will filter for your needs, prepare a portfolio and present it to you. We will accompany you to a number of pre-arranged house visits with a real estate agent depending on budget and area of choice that we would have discussed with you previously.
The youngest members of your family will be the ones living the change in the most concentrated manner: At school. We will visit the different international schooling options with you and help you evaluate each institution on offer. We can then assist you with their registration into the school of your choice. We know them all, as we are parents as well.
The last arrangement before the moving in is our cleaning service. We work with professional cleaning companies so that your new house will be ready and tip top for you to move in.
We’re with you until you settle appropriately. We can help you with finding your household purchases and all that is necessary. Our settling-in services include food or shopping areas visit, appliance search and shopping, personnel recommendations, assistance for furniture, utilities, curtains and upholstery. We also provide you with assistance in finding cleaning services, painters, electricians, plumbers and other types of technical support. We can give advice on utilities that require contact with post office or other local offices such as gas, electricity, water, phone connecting, mobile phones, cable TV alternatives and conditions.
If you need any advice on where to find the furniture of your choice, have custom-made curtains or have some furniture upholstered we can assist you locate the choices depending on your budget and needs.
We work with reliable car companies (for blue plate/tax free cars) that cater to expatriates in Istanbul. They are efficient, helpful and can manage even the most difficult paperwork there is. They have an extensive automobile database that makes it easy for you to choose the best car and helps you save time and money.
Our local partners offer a full range of security consulting services in Turkey. Today, security is a major issue everywhere and this applies to life in Istanbul as well. Whether it is a feasibility study for the new property you choose to live in or just advice on what do to as far as security measures in a new country they can answer all your needs.
Before you master some Turkish, we will be glad to provide you with translation services on any matter. We also provide recommendations on Turkish lessons whether you wish to have it in a language school or a private setting.
Ev taşıma ihtiyaçlarınız için profesyonel ve güvenilir bir nakliye şirketi bulmanıza yardımcı olabilir, taşınma sırasında yanınızda olması gerekebilecek resmi evraklar ve diğer tüm belgeler konusunda sizi bilgilendirebiliriz. Nakliye şirketi, eşyalarınızı boyutları ve varış noktasına göre değerlendirecek, kapıdan kapıya teslim hizmet verecektir.


  • Immigration Services
  • Legal and Insurance Services

We provide all immigration services including work and residence permits for the expatriate and their families. We can recommend a professional company which will be at your service for a wide range of legal services. We can also guide you to our experienced partner in the field of insurance for property, health, personal liability and cars.

We can recommend a professional company which will be at your services for a wide range of legal services. We can also guide you to our experienced partner in the field of insurance for property, health, personal liability and cars.





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